Thank you for your interest in “The Abolitionist Movement: Fighting Slavery and Racial Injustice from the Revolution to the Civil War.” This interactive teaching resource is modeled off the Summer Seminar for School Teachers sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and hosted by the Library Company of Philadelphia.

This is a wonderful moment to re-examine the abolitionist movement. Not only are there more books coming out on the subject than ever before but there are countless educational resources available for teachers. Moreover, slavery and abolitionism continue to make headlines in papers around the country, as museums open brand-new exhibits on the institution of slavery, local communities re-examine their role in the Underground Railroad, and television documentaries focus on the importance of slavery and abolitionist movements in early America. Please join in our online community as we work to provide overviews of this new and exciting work while also discussing the challenges of teaching abolitionism to today’s students.




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